RAYFILM Wide format printing

Wide format printing

RAYFILM sales portfolio offers lots of top quality materials for wide format printing. Having experiences in this field for long time, we can offer our customers the possibility of wide format printing at RAYFILM digital printer center.

Except „classical“ pigmented printing we can offer wide format printing on the UV inkjet plotter, which can imprint „nearly everything“. It is essential that we can offer the following finalisation of photographs like applying on self-adhesive rayboards and applying a frame around photos.

Our aim is to offer everybody the possibility to have photos, books or other applications printed.

  • Top quality
  • Lots of available materials
  • Reasonable price
  • Short delivery term

Among our customers are not only professional photographers as well as keen amateur photographers, for whom their photographs bring them as well as us the pleasure.

UV printing is suitable for:

  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Producers
  • Advertising agencies

Do not let your ideas alone – we will help you to put them into life. Not long time ago it was not possible to print with white colour – now we are step ahead for a bit :-)

Pigmented archival printing

Pigmented archival printing

We print your photographs on 12-colour inkjet plotter of the width 1118mm. Wide range of materials is carefully selected to meet your requirements as for the price and the quality.

Pigmented archival printing - assortmentWe recommend to carefully choose the material not only because of the financial point of view, as well as according to the kind of the photograph and its colour range which refers to the particular photograph. For example, very dark or very light photographs we do not recommend to be printed on the material U0230, because its gamut is not sufficient for 100% presentation of all colour tones.

For photographs of large colour tones we can recommend printing on BARYTE photo paper, which enables to cover whole colour range of gamut.

U0231 - Matte RAYFILM photo paper 120 g/m2
U0230 - Matte RAYFILM photo paper 170 g/m2
U0211 - Glossy RAYFILM photo paper 190 g/m2
U0222 - Satin semiglossy RAYFILM photo paper 190 g/m2
U0212 - Professional high-glossy RAYFILM photopaper 260 g/m2
U0223 - Satin semiglossy proofing RAYFILM photopaper 255 g/m2
U0262 - Professional RAG based FineArt RAYFILM photopaper 190 g/m2
U0263 - Professional RAG based FineArt RAYFILM photopaper 300 g/m2
U0269 - Professional BARYTE RAYFILM photopaper 300 g/m2
U0265 - Professional CANVAS RAYFILM 300 g/m2

For photographs we also recommend to:

  • Put lamination on the photograph
  • Put the photograph on a self-adhesive board
  • Put the photograph into a frame


By applying lamination you can protect your photograph against bad effects, but in case of a matt photograph the lamination can improve the total image of the photo. The photograph becomes glossy or semiglossy with light grain structure. For Rayfilm FineArt photopapers we recommend only glossy lamination.

Applying printing on self-adhesive board

Applying printing on self-adhesive board

Your photographs can be applied on RAYBOARD foamboards. The photograph is then ready to be hang up the wall or for applying a frame.



We offer applying frames Nielsen, Lyra or wooden frames RAYFRAME. The calculation can be sent on request.

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