Office labels

Rayfilm Office labels for computer printers and photo copiers are always the right choice no matter what application they are used for. Whatever the application, whether you need to mark, sign or simply stick something together just chooses the appropriate product from Office wide label range.

The Ofice line covers a wide range of paper labels for computer labels and copiers. In our assortment you can find standard labels which are used in offices and also at home, moreover specialities for the most demanding applications. Starting with white matt or glossy labels, removable labels, and colour or fluorescent labels, in addition also labels made of inkjet photo paper; enhancing your colour printing, and many others. In Ofice line you find the exact variant of labels for small quantity printing run.

The Ofice labels are packed either in packs of 10/20 sheets or in 50/100 sheet boxes. Bigger printers can be served with bulk industrial boxes of 1.000 sheets.

  • more than 160 sizes and shapes for orders 1000A4 sheets
  • 100/50/20/10 sheets in attractive Rayfilm packaging
  • money saving for bulk packing 1000sheets for big printing quantity
  • possibility of production small quantities by digital laser cutting technology

Office Labels

White univeslal labels for inkjet and laser printers/copiers
R0100 - Matte universal matte labels
R0102 - Matte universal removable labels
R0103 - Matte universal opaque labels
R0104 - Matte universal matte sandwich labels
White photo labels for inkjet printers/copiers
R0115 - Photoglossy inkjet labels 120 g/m2
White photoglossy labels for laser printers/copiers
R0116 - Photoglossy laser labels 170 g/m2
R0119 - Photoglossy laser labels 90 g/m2
White photo labels for inkjet and laser printers/copiers
R0105 - Photomatte inkjet labels 95 g/m2
Colour universal labels for inkjet and laser printers/copiers
R0120 - Matte green universal labels
R0121 - Matte yellow universal labels
R0122 - Matte red universal labels
R0123 - Matte blue universal labels
Radiant colour labels for laser printers/copiers
R0130 - Radiant green laser labels
R0131 - Radiant yellow laser labels
R0132 - Radiant red laser labels
R0133 - Radiant orange laser labels
Exclusive papers labels for laser printers/copiers
R0163 - Antique ivory labels with watermarks
R0164 - Antique white labels with watermarks
R0165 - Metallized pearlescent labels
R0166 - Kraft brown labels are highlighted strips
R0167 - Transparent labels

When you need anything extra – we offer more than others

Everyday you come together with the labels in which is required special demand to their colour, the adhesive composition, the face adjustment etc. Wide assortment RAYFILM OFFICE LABELS in standard offer satisfy each customer needs.

Permanent or removable adhesive?

The most of applications need the labels to be strongly and permanently fixed on the surface. Nevertheless, there are certain situations requiring the label to be not only removed but also stuck somewhere else, naturally - leaving no residues. Rayfilm item R0102 is a label stock with such a property. These labels help you to safe a time spent by cleaning surface from adhesive and paper.

Why opaque labels?

Standard white labels are not fully opaque (non-transparent), so there is visible the text stated under a new stuck label. You can increase their opacity by printing the whole label area but who does this in the office? In the Rayfilm label stock R0103 there is dark opaque layer fully covering the original texts and objects on the application surface. Thus you can re-label your files, EAN codes, cover CD/DVD, brand names or simply use these labels as corrective media in any activity.

Why photo labels?

The labels coated by special ink receiving layer have got the same parameters as photo papers. With any inkjet printer you can print your own CD/DVD-labels, passport photos or labels where true colours and excellent quality of pictures are needed. In Rayfilm label range there are several thick materials suitable for business cards and tags where high paper weight is important. We produce special double face labels that being printed and stuck together, which create professional looking double-sided business cards. The same way you can get not only business cards but also tags of any other size.

Colour and radiant labels?

The most important label function is to bring some information. Some applications require label material similar to the application surface but on the other hand many slogans and signs must be visible at first sight. People print them on conspicuous labels made from coloured paper. Everybody who wants to attract attention by DISCOUNT, WARNING, CLEARANCE, DANGER, etc. uses radiant labels. Colour labels can also help you to sort labelled items or distinguish similar product groups.

What is the most favourite colour?

The choice of colour is a specific human taste. Statistics bring the following figures: The unbeatable no one is standard yellow that is twice more demanded than the others. It is followed by standard green and radiant yellow and orange. The other colours are sold less but creates the integrated colour range (standard: yellow, red, green, blue / radiant : yellow, orange, red, green, pink).

White glossy labels

This type of labels is determined for imprinting in laser printers and production machines. This material has smooth glossy face, which add the printed labels the quality hallmark. Thanks to the wide range of sizes and shapes they are used for short run printing of product labels, wine labels, and promo label and so on.

When you need enriche & emphasize your products

RAYFILM R0160 is self-adhesive pearl metallized coated paper with embossed stripes of 3mm width for unique labels, which highlight the quality of the product. The stripes „put the seal“ of exclusivity and underline the product itself among the huge quantity of others.

Download the leaflet Office labels

Download the leaflet Labels for production printing

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Everyday labelsEveryday labels

Everyday labels are designed for regular use at home or in the office.

Synthetic labelsSynthetic labels

Rayfilm Synthetic labels for computer printers and photocopiers give you the possibility to utilize all the unique features of plastic film materials such as transparency, metal-look, outdoor use, extreme durability and stability.

SRA3 labelsSRA3 labels

Using of the printing machines of SRA3 format is the phenomenon in the todays market of the short-run printing.


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