SRA3 labels

Using of the printing machines of SRA3 format is the phenomenon in the todays market of the short-run printing. Permanent pressure on decreasing the price of imprinting together with decreasing volumes of imprinting orders create the right „atmosphere“ for their usage.

Label imprinting is one of the applications, which is very popular thanks to the simplicity of following processing. RAYFILM offers a wide range of materials for these laser printers. With the effort to decrease costs calculated on one label we have started producing labels in SRA3 format. The main reasons leading to this step are bigger amount of labels on the format and lower price of imprinting of the SRA3 format. Now we are launching into the market 13 standard label sizes, which will be updated according to customers´requirements. We are planning to start production of labels in the format SRA3 by digital laser cutting, which will enable us total flexibility as for label sizes and shapes – all has been planned for the end of 2013.

  • 13 sizes and shapes
  • SRA3 or according your needs 320 x 1200 mm
  • 100/ 300sheets in solid carton boxes
  • possibility of production small quantities by digital laser cutting technology

SRA3 labels

SRA3 labels are available in following materials:

White univeslal labels for inkjet and laser printers/copiers
R0100 – Self-adhesive matte white universal labels
White photoglossy labels for laser printers/copiers
R0116 – Self-adhesive glossy white laser labels 170 g/m2
R0119 – Self-adhesive glossy white laser labels 90 g/m2
White photo labels for inkjet and laser printers/copiers
R0105 – Photo matt white universal paper labels with permanent adhesive 95 g/m2
Exclusive papers labels for laser printers/copiers
R0160 – Pearl metallized silver labels with 3 mm stripes
R0161 – Silver metalic matt labels
R0162 – Gold metalic matt labels
R0163 – Antique ivory labels with watermarks
R0164 – Antique white labels with watermarks
R0165 – Metallized pearlescent labels
R0166 – Kraft brown labels are highlighted strips
R0167 – Transparent labels
Transparent/clear synthetic labels for laser printers/copiers
R0400 – Glossy clear PET labels for laser printers
White synthetic labels for laser printers/copiers
R0500 – Matte white polypropylene labels
R0501 – Glossy white polypropylene labels
R0502 – Matte white polyester labels
R0503 – Matte white universal polethylen labels
R0504 – High glossy white polyester labels
Metallized synthetic labels for laser printers/copiers
R0554 – Glossy silver polyester labels
R0555 – Matte silver PET labels
R0559 – Glossy gold polypropylene labels
Polyester decal films – CLING FILM
R0520 – White glossy Windows decal films for laser printers

Download the leaflet SRA3 labels

Download the leaflet Labels for production printing

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