Synthetic labels

Rayfilm Synthetic labels for computer printers and photocopiers give you the possibility to utilize all the unique features of plastic film materials such as transparency, metal-look, outdoor use, extreme durability and stability. These features will make your labels as good as you need.

In our SYNTHETIC range you can find polyester and polyethylene labels for laser printers and copiers, also we have an material for inkjet printers. Synthetic labels are ideal for using in each industrial sector. Rayfilm portfolio covers white, clear, transparent, silver and gold filmic labels available in over than 20 standard sizes which are delivered in packaging 10/50/100 and 1000A4 sheets.

  • 24 sizes and shapes
  • Standard formats A4, A3, SRA3 or on request (320 x 1200 mm)
  • 100/50/20/10 sheets in attractive Rayfilm packaging
  • money saving for bulk packing 1000sheets for big printing quantity
  • Possibility of production small quantities by digital laser cutting technology

Synthetic Labels

Transparent labels glossy and matt
R0360 - Matte transparent polyester labels for laser printers
R0400 - Glossy clear polyester labels for laser printers
R0466 - Glossy clear polyester labels for inkjet printers
White labels
R0500 - Matte white polypropylene labels for laser printers
R0501 - Glossy white polypropylene labels for laser printers
R0502 - Matte white polyester labels for laser printers
R0503 - Matte white universal polyethylen labels for laser printers
R0504 - High glossy white polyester labels for laser printers
R0511 - Glossy white polypropylene labels for injekt printers
Metallized labels
R0554 - Glossy silver polyester labels for laser printers
R0555 - Matte silver polyester labels for laser printers
R0559 - Glossy gold polypropylene labels for laser printers
Polyester decal films – CLING FILMS
R0520 - White glossy window decal film for laser printers

Where paper labels are not enough

There are many demanding applications where standard paper labels are not good enough. Are you looking for durable labels, even for outdoor use, water and chemical resistant? In our SYNTHETIC range there are white, clear, transparent, silver and gold filmic labels meeting these requirements.

Polyester or Polyethylene (PE) Labels?

Polyester labels are very durable, solid and resistant. However, due to their higher stiffness, they should be applied onto smooth and flat surfaces. On the other hand the PE labels are flexible and soft. These features predetermine them for rougher surfaces or curved shapes of small diameter. They perform very well being stacked over edges.

Matte or Glossy Labels?

Label look must conform with the character of the application surface and the label use. Sometimes you need “invisible-label-effect” based on label and surface similarity. Somebody needs glossiness to express exclusivity. This choice is a question of human taste. That is why we bring both to you.

Clear or Transparent Labels?

This depends on the way of use again. Clear to glass, transparent plastic or dark surfaces. Clear film is often used for mirror-wise PUSH-PULL labels. Matte transparent does not spoil integrity of matte surfaces - this looks like tracing paper. Either clear or matte materials are popular as corrective film in advertising, decorations and technical drawing.

Silver or Gold Labels?

The look of silver labels creates an impression as if it was a piece of steel or aluminium plate. It is not so excellent as engraved metal but much cheaper and especially faster to get it. The only what you need is a sheet of silver or gold film and laser printer that everybody has. This way you can make product labels, name tags, labels variable contents like serial numbers, changing date of production, expiration, etc.

Why cling films?

Cling film is characterized by its ability to stick to smooth glossy surface without adhesive. Cling film is easy to apply, can be removed without leaving any residue and is reusable.

High resistance against

Moisture and water
Weather conditions
Sunlight (UV)
Tear and damage

The main area of usage

Marking of industrial product
Special office labels
Labels for promotional purposes
Labels for packaging industry

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Download the leaflet Labels for production printing

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SRA3 labelsSRA3 labels

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