Professional FineArt collection

Professional FineArt collection

Rayfilm FineArt collection is the right choice for the most demanding clients who are searching for the ultimate photo prints with the best presentation of colours as well as unique look. Rayfilm Fine art products currently include FineArt 100 % cotton papers CLEARANCE, thickness 190 g/m2, canvas in thickness 345 g/m2 and silk baryta photo-paper 300 g/m22. The range also includes 3 kinds of hand made paper in different shades, thickness 200 a 280 g/m2.

Professional FineArt collection photo paper  mist

FineArt – 100% cotton photo papers CLEARANCE
The FineArt photo-papers are designed for printing high-quality archival photos, graphics and reproductions that are not degraded by exposure time, environment and UV radiation. Papers are made from 100% cotton base, without the whiteners and chemicals which gives them a natural white shade. The Lab Area values are 97, 2, 0.

Both sides are coated with a special velvety matte nanoporous layer that enables the highest quality printing with both pigmented and dye-based inks (with a long-term stability and resistance to UV radiation).

This material is available from stock in rolls of width from 4200 mm to 1118 mm and in sheet sizes A4 and A3. A2 size is available on request.
R0262 - Professional FineArt photo paper 190 g/m2
This material is available from stock in rolls of width 4200 mm in sheet sizes A4 and A3.

R0263 - Professional FineArt photo paper 300 g/m2
This material is available from stock ONLY IN SHEET SIZE A4.

FineArt – BARYTA photo papers
Currently, inkjet printing technology have reached a very high quality. Huge colour range, the printers are able to present, however, requires high-quality materials, these options can "pass the paper. " In parallel with the growing demand from customers for duality and an approach to quality conventional photography, we have included in our offer RAYFILM FineArt Collection SILK Baryta PHOTOPAPER.

This high-end photo paper has a barium sulphate substrate known from conventional photography. The material has a pleasantly neutral "cream" a structured and semi-gloss finish is the best thing currently on the market can find professional photographers.

Baryta Photographique is true Baryta paper developed for inkjet technology. It consists of an alpha-cellulose, acid-free pure white paper with the same barium sulphate coating as for traditional silver halide and a premium inkjet colour receiver layer.

Baryta Photographique offers the look and aesthetic of the original darkroom baryta print. This museum grade photo paper shows excellent black density and great image sharpness, ideal for black and white photography.
R0269 - Baryta photopaper 300 g/m2
This material is available from stock in rolls of width from 4200 mm to 1118 mm.

Handmade paper has always been a symbol of exclusivity, individuality and personality...

shadeHand Made FineArt inkjet archival 100% cotton paper without acids and bleach is produced by classic methods as 200 g/m2 and 280 g/m2. The edges of the paper are naturally irregular and due to this fact the sheets create original, unique and historical impression. The gently structured surface resembles a classic watercolour paper. A special surface coating enables printing at the highest quality. Fine Art paper is suitable for printing reproductions, maps and also for the Giclée process with original and personal effects.

Colours are true, rich with a hint of originality and patina. A special coating is applied to one side of the sheet but the other side is also printable, where the printing duality is similar to a standard photo paper.

FineArt – hand made paper - Ivory laid
This media is a creamy grade „Ivory laid“, thickness 200g/m2. This grade is supplied as standard in sizes 21x30 cm, 30x40 cm.

Full format 21x30 cm material R0266 (200 g/m2) is also supplied in layout of pre-defined 10 business cards in the size of 90x50 mm on sheet 21x30. The business cards are designed in a way that, where there is the area for separating the cards, the layer of hand made paper is thinner which enables easy separation of business cards from the sheet. The other edges of business cards are fringed and irregular like sheets of HandMade paper.

By joining the formats 21x30 cm and business cards this gives you also a unique opportunity to create exclusive headed notepapers, letters, certificates as well as your personal business cards or greeting cards.
R0266 - Hand Made FineArt paper 200 g/m2 Ivory

Warning: with respect to the production of handmade paper, we can not strictly guarantee the exact sizes of A4 size - 21x30 cm.

FineArt – hand made paper – white
Currently available in classic white grade, thickness 200 g/m2 (0,38 mm) This material is supplied as standard in sizes 21x30 cm, 30x40 cm for small-format printing with typical irregular edges. For large format printing this media is available in 50x65 cm and imperial format 56x76 cm
R0267 - Hand Made FineArt paper 200 g/m2 white

Warning: with respect to the production of hand made paper, we can not strictly guarantee the exact sizes of A4 size - 21x30 cm.

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