PLUS Photo Paper

PLUS Photo Paper

Rayfilm PLUS photo papers bring compromise between regular and professional photo papers. This is high standard but still a reasonable priced solution for all inkjet printers.

This range is the widest of the Rayfilm photo paper groups. In this category there are photo papers supporting even the highest possible resolution of up to date inkjet printers. Their features guarantee image colour vivacity and sharpness. All the papers are waterproof and blur resistant.

Photo matt papers are in grammages from 120 up to 200 g/m2. Photo glossy papers are available in grammages from 170 up to 200 g/m2.

Inseparable part of the PLUS line are T-shirt transfers for inject printers.

PLUS Photo Paper  Mask view

Photo paper PLUS matte
Two versions of the matte photo papers have one side PREMIUM coating for instant drying and are suitable for most of the inkjet printers. These photo papers have high contrast as well as very good black presentation. Besides the photo usage, they will find their application for printing your company presentations, reports, graphics, leaflets, photo indexes, calendars etc.
R0230 - Photomatte inkjet paper 170 g/m2
R0231 - Photomatte inkjet paper 120 g/m2
Photo paper PLUS matte – double sided
The 200 g/m2 photo paper has both sides with photo matte surface as the versions above also suitable for most of the inkjet printers and similar usage – when both sides need to be printed.
R0232 - Photomatte inkjet paper – double sided 200 g/m2
Photo paper PLUS glossy
Both versions of photo papers have one side cast coated inkjet layer for instant drying, water and smudge resistant. As the matte versions also the glossy are suitable for printing in most common inkjet printers. High resolution of these glossy photo papers produce bright vibrate true colour images of your photographs, business cards, presentations, calendars, reports, graphics or inlays.
R0215 - Premium glossy paper 210 g/m2
R0216 - Premium glossy paper 170 g/m2
T-shirt transfer papers
Two versions of transfer papers for 100% cotton T-shirts depend on material shade.
R0205 - Transfer paper for white T-shirts
R0206 - Transfer paper for black T-shirts
Transparencies for inkjet printers, A4
R1039 - Transparencies for inkjet printers, A4

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