Laser Media - Paper & Film

Laser Media - Paper & Film

Laser printing, even a colour one has become as common as the standard method of computer printing methods. Rayfilm brings a range of media specially designed for laser printing. With these materials your jobs will be faster and more professional. Matte and glossy paper, iron-on transfers and transparencies developed for laser printing, suitable also for Large Format Colour Digital Imaging Systems.

The LASER group consists of heavy machine finished and glossy coated papers (135 – 300 g/m2). We offer not only usual A4 sheets but also A3 and the popular SRA3. The range is completed by Transfer Iron-On papers for T-shirts. In this group you also find the matte transparent film suitable for the DTP process and white films are ideal for „indestructible“ documents.

Laser Media - Paper & Film

R0280 - Matte white laser paper 140 g/m2
R0281 - Matte white laser paper 200 g/m2
R0282 - Matte white laser paper 300 g/m2
R0283 - Matte white laser paper 350 g/m2
R0284 - Matte cream laser paper 150 g/m2
R0285 - Matte cream laser paper 300 g/m2
R0286 - Matte high white glazed laser paper 300 g/m2
R0287 - Matte textured white laser paper 330 g/m2
R0290 - Glossy white coated laser paper 135 g/m2
R0291 - Glossy white coated laser paper 200 g/m2
R0292 - Glossy white coated laser paper 250 g/m2
R0293 - Glossy white coated laser paper 300 g/m2
R0297 - Glossy white coated laser paper 350 g/m2
R0294 - Glossy/matte white cardboard postcard laser paper 350 g/m2
R0295 - Pearl metallic laser paper 285 g/m2
R0296 - Silver metallic laser paper 285 g/m2
R0207 - Iron-on Transfer laser paper - WHITE T-SHIRT
R0208 - Iron-on Transfer laser paper - DARK T-SHIRT
R0310 - Transparencies for laser printers
R0520 - White high glossy polyester cling films
R1070 - Opaque white film - DURAPAPER 125 micr
R1072 - Opaque white film - DURAPAPER 275 micr

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